Dreaming of Rock and Roll with Andrew Lock - One of the great things about our local scene is the mutually beneficial collaboration between photographers and performers.  Powerful images celebrate strong performances and ultimately get audiences off the sofa  into venues. At the same time, photographers are drawn to the drama, colour and style of live performance and relish the intense technical challenge of working with low light and fast action.
If you spend any time around the Zephyr Lounge, the Leamington Assembly, or any of the major local summer festivals. you'll recognise a guy who prowls the boundary zone between stage and auditorium.  with his iconic leather hat, blonde mane and dual Nikons. That would be Andrew Lock, well-respected by both musicians and fellow shutterbugs for a fabulous portfolio that includes stunning shots not only international acts such as Marillion, Chantel McGregor, Mostly Autumn and Doctor Feelgood but also local heroes such as Kristy Gallacher and Steve Walwyn.
While these images look great on the screen, there's a special kind of magic to a high quality print. We recently had a chance to check this out when Oak House Sports and Social Club in Leamington Spa hosted Rock and Roll Dreams Come True, an exhibition of  some of Andrew's finest work. Through the sale of prints, an auction and intimate live sets from Kristy Gallacher and Steve Walwyn, the evening raised over £750 for the Cinnamon Trust and Zoe's Place Baby Hospice.  
So, a fabulous event and another great example of the synergy between live music and photography, making an important difference to the local community. - Paul Englefield

Lovely work - Paul Englefield (KATE AND THRE MOONCATS)

Great pictures...thanks Andrew - Man Made Moon

Thank you for sending me the pictures, i think they are splendid - Tomas Zsigrai (Michael Bublé tribute, Club la Costa World, Costa del Sol.

Brilliant photos thank you x - Rebecca Downes (LEAMINGTON ASSEMBLY 2018)

Hi Andrew
We discovered your review on Derecho's 15 Degrees From Reality EP that was published in the Classic Rock Society Magazine in 2016, only last weekend - I just wanted to say a huge thank you for it, it was a really great review to read and we so appreciate the feedback on the music. It certainly made my day!
Hope to see you at another gig sometime :) Kind regards Jo Ash - Derecho'

Hi Andrew.
How are you. I would be happy to put you in the guest list no problem at all. We hope you have a great night and make sure you come and say hi on the night you did some awesome shots last time Tony - THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE


- Thanks so much for these, we’re really pleased with Jem’s pics and you did a brilliant job. - Thanks so much - Lezli xx

- Looove the photos! - Lucy

- Sorry for late reply but absolutely love the photos so thank you and will recommend your services! - Julie

- The photos of Marley are lovely - Kathryn

Hi, Thank you for the review. And if it really was the main reason which leaded us to be signed to PGR, we are extra grateful about that. - Raino / Naryan

Thank you Andy for the great review! Much appreciated!! - Best regards Jeff Fetterman

We just wanted to say thank you for the awesome review of Black Letters by Naryan in the last issue of The Journal of The Classic Rock Society.
It made us go and check out the band.
The first review of an 'unknown' artist that has ever made us do this.
As a result we have now signed them to PGR!

Eugene Rogers, CEO. Progressive Gears

I saw you had reviewed my last album Bottle Full of Blues. I was wondering if I may send you my newest release "9 Miles to Nowhere" which was just released in August 2017. If I may, please let me know where to send it and I will get it right out to you. Thank you for your time and for your last review. I look forward to hearing from you - Sincerely Jeff Fetterman

Moody-looking bastard!.... (Good shot A.L.)... - HORACE PANTER (THE SPECIALS / THE DIRT ROAD BLUES BAND

Wow they look great, thank you so much for your hard work on these - Dave Duquemin (re CD cover shoot and design)

Excellent Andy. The crossed guitars and the collage are great - Paul Wyllie (re CD cover shoot and design)

Hi Andy, I also enjoyed the photo session last week. Thanks for sending these they look great I'm really happy with them - James Temple (re CD cover shoot)

Hi Andrew I will put you pn our guest list no problem the photos you produced last time were fantastic - UK GUNS N' ROSES

Thank you for the photos they are fabulous xxx - Kate Staunton (Kate & The Mooncats)

Hi Andrew, thanks so much for the brilliant review! Nice to read a review written by somebody who actually loves music. - James J Turner

Thanks very much Andy - they are great and that's very kind of you. I would like to donate to your chosen charity - MARK (The Freewheelin')

Wonderful images as ever - Adam J Hodgson (Touchstone)

A great selection of pictures - Peter Drew (organiser of Gristfest)

Andrew, thanks so much for the review of my album "One Bird,
Two Stones"! - Dick (Dick LeMasters)

The photo’s are really great – Asher Alexander on behalf of King King

I am very proud!! This is the biggest spread I've had in a magazine, thank you Andrew Lock and the Classic Rock Society Magazine! – Kristy Gallacher

Thanks again on behalf of the band for the great photos - we're all really pleased with them. - Adam Moody (Filthy Lucre)

Hello Andy,
We are Sheffield based band Brave New Storm, who played on the Saturday at Napton Festival this year.
We'd just like to make an enquiry about photos? We saw one of the ones you took of us up on the festival Website and it looks fab! - BRAVE NEW STORM

Just wanted to say that we really liked the couple
of pics of yours that Napton Festival published from Derecho's
set. Thanks! Mike (Derecho)

"Awesome photo mate!!! Thanks man!!!" - Lawrence Case (Voodoo Vegas)

Hi Andy brilliant photos - Linda Scott OBE FRSA ( Napton Festival)

The photos are great thanks, the close-ups look really good.- Danny And Dean (The Robinson-Stone Brothers)

"Was great to see you, thanks for another great photo :)" - LAURENCE JONES

Are you available to do a possible promo or studio shoot in the near future as we are looking to get some new promo pics done and thought the shots on your website looked great. - Danny And Dean (The Robinson-Stone Brothers)

"Rather pleased (understatement) with this splendid review of this year's Trinity festival - thanks to Andrew Lock :) Can't WAIT to get back on the stage this Autumn..." - RACHEL COHEN (THE REASONING)

"Here is a smashing review by Andrew Lock for The Classic Rock Society of Trinity Live in May 2014. What a fantastic time we had. Happy days. Night, night :o) xxx" - MATTHEW COHEN (THE REASONING)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the
review in classic rock.
I was very pleased with the review overall but
mostly that you mentioned my stage presence had reminded you of Geezar.
I was stoked to see that in writing, I had to send you a thank you for
making my day.
Thanks for taking the time to review the show and maybe
you can get to a show on the winter tour coming soon. pint on

Thank you again for your time and words. Cheers Al - ALAN BARROW (MAGNUM)

Thank you so much for the photos you sent to Judith, I really love them! - JAMES J TURNER

On behalf of Chevy, Cupids Inspiration, The Firm and Side By Side.
Thank you Andrew for your top quality photography, the ease we have working with you and your relaxed, happy approach to your art.
After many years in the music business, I can state without doubt that you are up there with the best.
Keep on clicking. - BOB POOLE

Great shot Andrew Lock... didn't see that one coming/expect that - MATT HERNANDEZ

Photos are looking fab! And those were some of my favourites from that gig, thanks Andy!!!!

They look great, thank you for including them on your site! - KRISTY GALLACHER

I have however seen your work and must say you do take some stunning photos. - PETE CLEMONS (COVENTRY EVENING TELEGRAPH)

Thanks for the kind words and the fantastic photos!
Awesome man, hopefully catch you again at some point in the future.
Rock on,
Kind regards,

That is one of the finest shots I have seen of Steve, can't wait to get you a hammered gig :)" - TOBY (HAMMERED)

Andrew Andrew Andrew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brilliant !!!!! Exactly what i wanted !
Fabulous !, Thanks very Much as always
Much Appreciated
Best Wishes

Thanks again for the great photos. - JOHN (THE SKYLINE BAND)

Really appreciate the photo's and wont forget to get in contact re reviews etc. You're a legend! – GEORGIA (MASCHINE)

Hi Andrew, thanks for the excellent shots. We'll add them to our website - ANDY DITCHFIELD (DeeEXPUS)

Brilliant photographs - ALAN (WHEELZ)

Wow! Great Photo - thank you so much - GEBBY EATON

No worries about this is the first on set shoot you will take. I am sure will be great. Just saw your website, wow great works there – D JONNY CHEN (FILMMAKER)

“As far as any gigs are concerned, lovely to see you, just let me know which one you can get to and I'll put you on the guest list - with camera - love your photos” – SUZIE (FOR MOSTLY AUTUMN)

"wow you really captured the shot there Andrew – MERYL (VOODOO VEGAS)

"Andy - Brilliant as ever! Thanks for all you do" – CHRIS (HANGOVER BLUES BAND/STEVE WALWYN AND FRIENDS)

Thank you soooooooo much Andrew !
I have used one on My Dr F page already.
Hope things work out really well for you and you keep taking brilliant photos. – ALAN (OFFICIAL DR FEELGOOD FACE BOOK PAGE)

"F**k me, they're good shots, some of the best we've ever had" – TONY (THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE)

“really liked the quality and expressions you caught in your photos of our rival Bon Jovi Tribute lol! we want some done! :-)” – WAYNE (BON GIOVI)

“Aye, just seen them. Thanks a lot mate, they look awesome. We'll get the drinks in next time we're in Leamington “ - RICH (THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE)

"Brilliant review Andy, Paul and I felt we were there!! xx" - SUE TAYLOR

Great shots Andy yes I'd love to see what else you shot especially any of matt our tubwhacker! Who never gets a lookin! Let me know if you have any others and we, ll see you in cambridge my friend . - NICK (THE ZZ TOPS)

I have had a look at your website, the photos are fabulous and I am looking forward to seeing the G2 ones. - HEATHER (FOR G2)

Hey,Yeah the photos were brilliant.If we could see some more that would be awesome.If you need a band to use for band shots/portraits etc please keep us in mind, we will happily be your guinnea pigs lol! I'd be up for it on my own too if needed.Thanks again, we all really appreciate it all.

Just wanted to say thanks for writing a lovely complimentary review about the band I sing with (Mr So & So)... great picture too. I wondered if it would be okay to use your picture on the review (if I credit you) ? Thanks again, - CHARLOTTE :) (MR SO AND SO)

"Great Pic Andrew : )" - HEIDI (Stolen Earth)

MA are bringing out a new live album very soon and we'd really like to use your photo of Gav (Happy Sticks) for the artwork on the CD. All the photos we are using are in black and white though and we wondered if you would mind us changing it to b/w to use. We will, of course credit you on album blurb.Hope you are ok with this, it's a great photo.

Brilliant, well done...Ruth and I have chosen the B/W shot outside the Pump Rooms where we are looking off camera; that's a nice shot! Will forward them to the guys but I think they will agree. Thanks again - STEVE WALWYN (DR FEELGOOD)

"The photos thank you very much, they're great" - KIM (TOUCHSTONE)

"The photos are great, Real good quality" - AWAKE

"Thanks for sending the pictures, I really appreciate it mate and they look fantastic" - MATTHEW COHEN (THE REASONING)

"The photos - they're great" - CHERRY LEE MEWIS

"The photos are great" - CHANTEL McGREGGOR

"Thank you so much your a brilliant photgrapher" - MEL (VOODOO VEGAS)

"Thank you very much for those, they look fab" - KRISTY GALLACHER

"All came through (photos) and they are amazing! You have a wonderful talent.

“Great review Andy thanks” - PETE (NAZARETH)

“Hey Andy, thanks for the photos you got some really good ones” ANDY PARKER - UFO

“Hey Andy, many thanks for these photos they look amazing! Are you ok if we add these to our website straight away?. Thanks again” - BRUCE McKENZIE (SALES DIRECTOR TOWNSEND RECORDS/GUN MANAGEMENT)

“The photos are amazing we really want to see some more” - LAWRENCE (VOODOO VEGAS)

“Thanks for the pics they are absolutely fantastic” - JAMES BIDDLE (UK GUNS 'N' ROSES)

“Great set of photos, many thanks for these and your review which has made a really good piece about this unique event” - CHRISTINE (GET READY TO ROCK WEB SITE)

“Thanks Andy, they look great and I’ve already put some on the Jama site” - STEVE (JAMA)