I have decided that I have neglected my two favourite bands namely Marillion and Mostly Autumn for a while, not by plan or design of course but it dawned on me I had not played any of the bands albums at home or on my walk to work for quite a while and also have been a little poor for both of these bands that mean so much to me on the live front.
This week I am starting to put that right by going through a selection of the bands albums I started with Marillion and possibly the bands finest hour (plus) the mighty 'Marbles', and what a delight it still is, powerful, moving and full of gems, it also brought back memories of both attending the album play back with the band present in Oxford and the Front Row Club day out at Aylesbury watching the hall set up for the show, the sound check and then the first Marbles gig itself.
I was also lucky enough to see the Marbles tour at both Wolverhampton and one of the London shows and all of the gigs were fantastic (of course), I also have a memory I think of hearing a work in progress of one of my favourite tracks on the album 'Angelina' performed at one of the bands conventions way before the release and being rather impressed.
Must admit not playing it for a while made listening even more impressive and made quite an impact espicially 'invisible Man' (full of dynamics), Fantastic Place (drop dead gorgeous and I can still picture a tranquil island with the sea lapping the shore), 'Neverland' (still for me some of Steve Rothery's standout work) and of course the delightful 'Angelina' really worked its soulful magic (this was the single album version rather than the double so two crackers 'Genie' and 'Ocean cloud' due a play very soon).
My second choice for Marillion was 'Somewhere Else' and while not the classic vintage of Marbles it really has it's moments, two tracks in particular for me reach the Marbles standard, the stunning, emotional title track with still for me one of the biggest surges of power in any of the bands back catalogue during the "look at myself" section and the deep, thoughtful, slightly angry 'The Wound'.
Next step for me back to the very beginning with a trip to 'Script For a Jesters Tear' before I will address the Mostly Autumn question.
On the live front really regret not going to last year's Marillion Convention and also would have loved to cover it for the Classic Rock Society so I am looking towards this year's Cropredy Festival to see if I can make it, with Mostly Autumn really wanted to make it to a few of their Autumn tour dates but failed so only managed their Cambridge Rock Festival set (fantastic as always) and as looks like I am not at Cambridge this year must get to and review/photograph if possible a number of their gigs this year.

Andrew Lock

(You will find photos, reviews etc galore of both these bands that have a big place in my heart all over my site)