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ZEPHYR LONGE 04/06/2014
Laurence Jones gave for me his most impressive performance to date at The Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa last night 4/6/14 and while upstairs at The Assembly hip hope legends Public Enemy played to a full house the still youthful blues sensation and local lad Laurence and his top band entertained a fair sized audience at it's sister venue.
The confidence (although for me he has never been really short of that !) in his playing and stage craft oozes out of this young man and this set of two halves was a real homecoming triumph, material showcased from his recently released second album 'Temptation' included belting set opener 'Can't Help Living Like This' and the flowing 'Southern Breeze'.
From his debut album BB King classic 'The Thrill Is Gone' was stunning as was his cover of 'All Along the Watchtower', and as this gig was one of Steve Walwyn's 'Kelly's Night's' it was fitting to have the man himself guesting with Laurence in the second half and on a very special day, being 25 years since he joined Dr Feelgood.
Outstanding performance from a class act.

Andrew Lock