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Ceara in action
‘Hotwired’ the follow up to ‘Sunrise On the Moon’ the second single by all sister 3 piece rock band Kyneska is equally impressive, they have changed a lot from their days as full on rockers Emerald Sky but that change has seen them transform into something rather special indeed.
As Kyneska they now play beautifully constructed numbers with wonderful melodies, more of a free and easy flowing vibe with the style incorporating quality pop rock and the technical touches and sense of mystery of quality progressive rock.
As with previous single I still see echoes of Mostly Autumn (only their more pop moments) and also with this one a little of the now sadly defunct Breathing Space.
‘Hotwired’ begins with a delicate guitar flourish and then turns into a catchy number with a wonderfully optimistic, positive feel.
Aislinn’s vocals are wonderfully crisp and at times soar like a bird while the guitar work of Ceara is both delicate and at times intricate; completing this soundscape the glorious percussion work of Siobhan holds the whole thing together.
Love this bands sound and think they have something really good going on and so looking forward to an album.
‘Hotwired’ is released on April 27th

Andrew Lock

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