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This was the first ‘Group Shoot’ put on at Phlash Worx in Leamington Spa a fantastic photo studio with all the equipment and backdrops you could ask for along with the guys that run it who could not be more helpful, Trevor looks after the photography while Steph is a magician on the hair and make-up side.
I have attended several of the studios ‘Model Days’ including working with quality models like Olivia Harriet-Smith, Angel and Laura Lily and although still finding my feet as a studio photographer found these sessions great fun and productive.
The difference with the ‘Group Shoot’ was up to an agreed max number of photographers attended and Trevor had 3 or 4 lighting set -ups planned, our delightful model Roisin had outfits for each set up and Steph worked her magic on different hair and make-up styles.
There were 3 photographers at this shoot so we managed to get in 4 set -ups which were all very different and included a classy ball gown set -up with chair, lamp and a decorative backdrop, a couple of different fashion shoots and for me a very different look combining a turf like flooring and lighting to imitate natural sunlight for a fun summer shoot, personally I struggled on this set up but so want to try it again and perfect it.
Cannot praise Rosin enough, she was fun, friendly and up for a laugh but very professional in her approach to her posing and helping us get decent shots, also with the 2 other photographers involved being a friendly pair it was how one of the guys put it “a photography shoot and a social in one”.
Hope the studio have another go at this format as although I felt less input from me in the setup, poses etc. than the Model Days it is a great way to get a variety of shots for your portfolio and also quite nice for a change to just take photos/concentrate on the camera without the concern of setting up the shot.
Thanks to Roisin, Trevor and Steph and my fellow photographers Richard and Dave for a great night and very much recommend them to photographers like myself wanting to improve their studio skills while adding to their portfolios and also because everything is set up for you they would be great for anyone who just wants to have a go at studio work.
Will put a few of my images from the shoot on my site soon.

Andrew Lock