Just a few words on the sad passing of one of the all time rock greats Lemmy, like most fellow rockers I thought the Motorhead frontman would somehow be around forever and he has been in my thoughts quite a lot since that morning I switched on the bathroom radio and on hearing his name mentioned on Radio 5 at once feared the worst.
Only made it to 3 or 4 shows by this heaviest of bands and at my first gig which was around 83/84 around the time of the ‘Killed By Death” single I remember being amazed how many punks were in the crowd lapping it up along with us denim and leather loving rockers.
At this same show also managed to meet the band and of course the great man himself, in the bands (I gather) usual way they wanted to meet and greet the fans after the show and meeting Lemmy stands as one of the best memories of my music life.
One memory particularly makes me smile and that was when he quizzed the fan in front of me about his pirate (bought outside tour shirt) and we thought bloody hell he is going to have a right go at him and get him ejected only for him to say something along the lines of "well it’s better than the ones we are flogging on the march desk" shake the guys hand and sign his ticket stub.
Another of my Motorhead gigs was in the mid 90’s and another special one as one of around 7or 8 shows I attended with my dad who left us far to early, also loved seeing Motorhead branded earplugs for sale at the show.
The day I heard the sad news the only music I played on my iPod was Motorhead as I turned up the volume set the Motorhead section to random and pressed play, first track up was ‘No Class’ followed by ‘Killed By Death’ the latter unfortunately true, the former no way as he was a true class act.

Rock In Peace
Andrew Lock