What a way to end 2015 and start 2016 with following on from losing Lemmy we had first the shock of losing one of this country's and the world’s biggest and most respected musicians David Bowie and now most recently we have lost founder Eagles member Glen Fry.
Unfortunately never got to either a Bowie concert or an Eagles show (however both artists have given me great listening pleasure over the years) but had the pleasure of watching Mr Bowie perform two numbers on stage alongside Tina Turner at one of her 1980’s arena gigs, they performed Bowie’s smash hit ‘Let’s Dance’ and then a rocking version of the Chris Montez number of the same name. The rumour was in the air that she would have a special guest at this show and what a delight for it to be someone of David’s stature.
David Bowie recorded so many different styles that everybody liked some of his work, I like the majority of his work myself but my favourite is the rare soundtrack number ‘Cat People’ (Putting Out Fire)’ from the1982 horror film (a remake of the 1940,s original) if you have not heard it check it out as one of his best rockers.
The Eagles like David Bowie are well loved by the majority of music fans and remember first picking up a second hand vinyl copy of their huge selling first greatest hits back in the 80’s and being blown away by the beauty and song-writing prowess of numbers such as ‘Take it Easy’, ‘Desperado’ and ‘Lyin’ Eyes’ and then much later being amazed by the quality of the 2007 double album Long Road Out of Eden in 2007.
Would have loved to have seen them live but like a lot of my favourite mega bands including Fleetwood Mac have found the ticket prices out of my reach.
So a sad few weeks for music lovers and these three will be very much missed.

Andrew Lock